“Beacon has the ability to focus on future businesses. Their contribution to us in both financial and intellectual capital has made a huge difference in the growth of our business. They are very effective partners and are always thinking of strategic ways to add long term value to our business.”

Amit Mittal, Managing Director
a2z group

“We are pleased that Beacon has partnered with Bhayana Builders. This funding will further accelerate our growth plans and the experience will help us build a world class business. Beacon was the ideal partner for the Bhayana promoters.”

Nitin Bhayana, Managing Director
Bhayana Group

“We are extremely excited to partner with Beacon. The deep understudying of the Food and Beverage Industry in their team, both in India and at the international level, makes Beacon our first choice. We seem them a great value addition.”

Riyaaz Amlani, Managing Director

“At our early stage of growth, NHM has significantly benefited from Beacon's pro-active interest in and contribution to our business, both since the recent investment and through the diligence and investment process.”

Badri Sheshadri
New Horizon Media Group

“Beacon brought the ideal mix of industry experience, cultural fit and investment savvy that we were looking for in a partner.”

Minal Vazirani, Founder and Co-CEO

“In Beacon, we found a team of people who were committed to our relationship and our objective. They have always worked with us as a team to achieve measurable objectives as if they were a part of us. It has been an extremely satisfying relationship so far.”

Anil Bhalla, Chairman and Managing Director
Vatika Group

The Beacon India Private Equity Fund (BIPEF) is a $200 million growth capital private equity fund sponsored by Baer Capital Partners. BIPEF is registered in Mauritius and is regulated by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission.

About The Fund

The Fund has a Foreign Venture Capital Investor (FVCI) License from SEBI. The Fund aims to invest $5-$25 Million per investment with a preference for an initial investment between $10-$20 Million.

Through our LPs and Sponsors, we have access to significant capital resources and for the right opportunity are prepared to invest up to $200 Million in equity per transaction.

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